WIDE/SIDE (João Martinho Moura, 2015) exhibition at Lumina

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WIDE/SIDE, João Martinho Moura (2015)
Exhibition at LUMINA, Cascais
Muralha da fortaleza.

EXHIBITION 11-12-13 SEP 2015, 20h>24h

A fortified wall works as a canvas, receiving and sending images and sounds. The main creative agents are the spectators whose movements, in a sort of multimedia catalyst of their silhouettes, float like heat waves. In this immersive experience, the audience interaction is synchronized with sound atmospheres, which in turn react to shadow movements.



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WIDE/SIDE (JOÃO MARTINHO MOURA, 2015) Exhibition at Lumina in Cascais, Portugal

João Martinho Moura - media cover by The Creators Porject

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  • October 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic (Cihelná) (link);
  • November 2015 – Barcelona, Spain (Arts Santa Monica) (link)

WIDE/SIDE (João Martinho Moura, 2015)

Video: WIDE/SIDE exhibition at GNRation Gallery 

About Lumina Festival

LUMINA Light Festival 4th Edition, is held in Cascais from September 11 to 13th 2015, embracing artworks from several countries spread along the Path of Light (Percurso da Luz), providing moments of discovery, magic and thrill to the audience.

Embracing the theme of the four seasons of the year, LUMINA arrives at 2015 brighter than ever. This year, the visitors are gifted with a surprising circuit distributed by four paths in sequence, corresponding to the four seasons. An unmissable constellation of urban interventions including dynamic multimedia installations, monumental video projections, interactive sculptures and participatory artworks. The circuit passes through meticulously chosen spaces to be lived in family and among friends.


more information abou the exhibition in the Citadel of Cascais, LUMINA Festival: