Video: João Martinho Moura, MindSpaces. Video documentary about João Martinho Moura‘s artistic background and work in progress at MindSpaces, a STARTS European Commission initiative aiming to create new urban and architectural approaches integrating immersive ‘neuroenvironments’ in virtual reality.
Video by: MindSpaces presented at Ars Electronica 2020 in Kepler’s Gardens.
Artwork description: out > there

This video presents work in progress, bringing embodied and out-of-body sensations among urban spaces. In this experience, I’m teleported to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, a municipality in Spain, located in the immediate southwest of Barcelona, in Catalonia’s autonomous community. In collaboration with the MindSpaces consortium, the artistic and research work will involve neurosciences, embodiment, virtual spatial technologies, and out-of-body sensations in the urban space. More about this work in the next months. The video contains audio samples from lex1975 recorded at L’Hospitalet metro station. Tecla Sala 3d model by Christos Stentoumis, up2metric. Music by João Martinho Moura.