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about the author:

João Martinho Moura, an Interactive Media Artist and Researcher born in Portugal. His interests are focused in intelligent interfaces, digital art, digital music and computational aesthetics. João has a special interest in body driven digital artifacts. João Martinho Moura is doing research, at University of Minho’s EngageLAB. João Martinho Moura is an Invited Assistant Professor at the Master Program in Technology and Digital Arts (MTAD), at University of Minho, Portugal, teaching Programing for Digital Arts.

João Martinho Moura has spoken at conferences around the world, including the International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture OFF (2008), World Congress on Communication and Arts (2010), SHiFT – Social and Human Ideas for Technology (2009), International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging – CAe (2008), ARTECH (2008), ARTECH (2010), Computer Interaction (2009), Pluto-Festival (2009), ZON Digital Games (2007), International Creative Arts Fair (2008), ZON Multimédia Premium (2008), Le Corps Numérique – Centre Culturel Saint-Exupéry (2011), International Conference on Tangible, Embeded and Embodied Interaction (2011). His work has been shown in a variety of places in Portugal, Brasil, UK, France, Hong Kong and Belgium.

João Martinho Moura thanks to:

his Professors:
Adérito Marcos
Né Barros
Nelson Zagalo
Pedro BrancoTo the Master in Technology and Digital Arts Community, University of Minhohis Students at the Master in Technology and Digital Arts,
University of Minhohis collegues:
Carolina Oliveira
Jorge Sousathe communities:The community
The Openframeworks community
The Supercollider communitythe inspiration from
the artists:

Ben Fry
Casey Reas
Daniel Shifman

Golan Levin
Rudolfo quintas
Theo watson
Tiago Dionísio
Zach Lieberman

the curators:Adérito Marcos
Ciclo Danç
Clémentine Treu
Filip VisnjicGraça Guedes
Guy Uyttebroeck
Joana Ramalhão
Lies Jacob
Moncho Rodriguez
OFFF Festival
Pedro Ruiz
Pedro Custódio
Pieter Coussement
Stéphanie Bellot
Tim de Vizthe institutions:Balleteatro
Centre Culturel Saints Exupéry
Fórum da Maia
University of Minho


This interactive book is about:

digital art, body, shadow, interactivity, generative, digital, art, computational, aesthetics, movement, immersive, algorithmic, perlin noise, draw, vision, threshold, interactive art, perception, gesture, expressiveness


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