Video: João Martinho Moura. A virtual reality journey to the nanocluster scale. STARTS / INL. Audiovisual VR performance in Paris. Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS, 28 February 2020. Full recording.

To know more about this work you can read the research publication, or watch the artistic/research documentary.

Recordings of João Martinho Moura’s virtual reality performance at Le Centquatre, on 28 February 2020, in Paris. STARTS event from the European Commission. Imagine one millimeter … now, divide it by one million. That is one nanometer, an incredibly small-scale unit where Sci-fi Miners’ narrative happens, a journey beginning at the millimeter scale (1mm), ending at the size of one nanometer (1nm), employing virtual reality technologies. An audio-visual, interactive, and virtual reality performance where the artist takes the audience on a journey on the nanometric scale of matter. Work designed by João Martinho Moura with the support of the STARTS Residencies as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission, based on the technological elements of the CritCat Project (INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and Aalto University).

A previous exhibition at Art Center Nabi, Seoul, South Korea.

Artwork detailed description: Sci-fi Miners
Research Publication