Video – YMYI (You Move You Interact) embodied recordings. Tests with image and sound.
João Martinho Moura. University of Minho. 2007
Artwork: YMYI

Embodied recordings of YMYI (João Martinho Moura, 2007), conducted at the University of Minho in 2007. Tests with image and sound. A space where the participant interacts with a living image through his body movements.

This work was developed at the Department of Information Systems (DSI) and Centro de Computação Gráfica (CCG), University of Minho, in 2007. The work was included in the curated Processing exhibition, in 2008. It was created by João Martinho Moura, with academic contributions from Jorge Sousa, Adérito Marcos, Pedro Branco, Leonel Valbom and Nelson Zagalo. Realtime sound synyh was created by João Martinho Moura in Super Collider. Background in this video music by Martinho Moura.

YMYI is an interactive installation, created in 2007, related to embodiment, signal, gestures, shadows, flow, and time, mixing the body in movement, its connected or disconnected shadow, in a virtual representation.

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