space~aprox (2022)
presented at Index Media Arts, Theatro Circo

"out > there", João Martinho Moura, MindSpaces, 2020

out > there (2020)
to be presented at MindSpaces in 2021

UNA (2020)
presented at Coliseu do Porto, Portugal

) rev (  (2019)
Presented in Portugal

Sci-Fi Miners (2019)
Presented in France, Portugal, Republic of Korea

Opening of NATO Headquarters Media Art Exhibition
Presented in 2019, in Brussels

10e-10 (2018)
Presented in the opening event of INL Summit 2018

Nano Geometries (2018)
Presented at the European Researchers’ Night

VV (João Martinho Moura, 2018)

VV (2018)
Presented at gnration gallery, Portugal

Braga, snapshots in Virtual Reality

Braga, snapshots in Virtual Reality (2018)
Presented at Altice Forum Braga, Largo do Paço, Portugal

1T0C3 (2018)
Presented in Portugal

Nano Abstractions (2017)
Presented in Portugal

How Computers Imagine Humans? Germany exhibition. João Martinho Moura. 2017

How Computers Imagine Humans (2017)
Presented in China, Germany, Republic of Korea

CO:LATERAL. Né Barros and João Martinho Moura. 2016

CO:LATERAL (2016-2019)
Presented in Portugal, Republic of Korea, Slovakia

NaN:Collider (2016)
Presented in Spain, France, China, Scotland, Germany, Portugal

67p: an unexpected topological space (2016)
Presented in the Netherlands

WIDE/SIDE (2015)
Presented in Mexico, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, China

View Rosetta’s Comet (2015)
Presented in the Netherlands

Where is Rosetta (2014)
Presented in the Netherlands

Bracara (2014)
Presented in Portugal

Generative Face Algorithms (2014)
Presented in Brasil, Portugal

Arfiticial (2012)
Presented in Portugal

B/SIDE (2012)
Presented in Portugal, Mexico

Câmara Neuronal (2011)
Presented in Portugal, Italy

Trajo (2012) - João Martinho Moura

Trajo (2012)
Presented in the European Capital of Culture, Guimarães

Super Collider Shape (2011) - João Martinho Moura

Super Collider Shape (2011)
Presented in Austria, Germany, China, Czech Republic, Serbia, Australia,
Italy, Poland, Israel, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Turkey,

Switzerland, Ukraine, Portugal

Nuve (2010)
Presented in Portugal

Transversal Lines (2010)
Presented in Spain

GTDV (2008)
Presented in Portugal, Brasil

Carpax e o Homem Surdo (2008)
Presented in Portugal

YMYI (2007)
Presented in USA, Belgium, France, Portugal, Czech Republic