Video: NATO Media Art, exhibition. João Martinho Moura, 2019.
6/March – 6/April, 2019. NATO Headquarters, Brussels.
Artwork: WIDE/SIDE (NATO exhibition)

Video: Artwork inauguration. NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller, hosting and interacting with the artwork. Inaugural performance exhibition. The opening of NATO Headquarters Art Exhibition, by João Martinho Moura, 2019.

Video links: Vimeo [Link], Youtube [Link]

March 6, 2019

I am honored to premiere the first media art exhibition at the new NATO headquarters, in Brussels. The inauguration took place last Wednesday at NATO’s new building’s ‘Central Agora’ hosted by Deputy Secretary-General, Rose Gottemoeller, with the presence of Portuguese Permanent Representative Ambassador, Luís de Almeida Sampaio, and Deputy Secretary-General for Executive Management, Wayne J. Bush. An event under the EU Arts and Science STARTS initiative.

João Martinho Moura.

For the inauguration ceremony, a memorable moment with Portuguese choreographer Né Barros and performer Sónia Cunha (Balleteatro, Porto), music by Martinho Moura/João Martinho Moura. 

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