Sci-Fi Miners, video #4, ‘Confluence’.
Exhibition at Art Center Nabi, Seoul, ‘Confluence Point’, João Martinho Moura, 2019. Video teaser.
artwork: Sci-Fi Miners

10 minute documentary about this work here.

Video description: ‘Confluence’, Sci-fi Miners (João Martinho Moura, 2019), Video teaser: Art Center Nabi, ‘Confluence Point’ exhibition, Seoul. Music: João Martinho Moura

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Sci-Fi Miners

video #4: ‘Confluence’. Exhibition at Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Republic of Korea, ‘Confluence Point’, João Martinho Moura, 2019. Video teaser.

After a presentation at Centre Pompidou and a performance including virtual reality on stage at INL main auditorium, Sci-fi Miners in now on exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, at Art Center Nabi, until 19 July, in the format of a large display installation spread by more than five areas and a virtual reality space to teleport participants into the nano-space, a journey to the nanocluster 1nm size. An artistic exploration of how, with the help of scientific advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, a new generation of nano-clusters are replacing critical natural resources becoming rare on planet earth. I have no words to express the sense of gratitude I fell crossing the paths of those brave scientists. Special thanks to Senior Researcher Yury Kolen’ko from Nanochemistry Research Group at INL, Marina Dias and Inês Costa, INL collaborators, Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale (SIN group) at Aalto University, Nanolayers, Inova+, all the Researchers at the CritCat project, and the team at European Commission STARTS + Residencies initiative. I also want to sincerely acknowledge the very professional team at Art Center Nabi, in Seoul, for their enormous efforts collaborating with me in the exhibition.

Work designed by João Martinho Moura with the support of the STARTS Residencies as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission, based on the technological elements of the CritCat Project.

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