Art Center Nabi, ‘Confluence Point’ Sci-Fi Miners exhibition

Seoul, South Korea. João Martinho Moura (2019). Pictures of the exhibition.

Large scale exhibition at Art Center Nabi, in Seoul. Sci-fi Miners (João Martinho Moura, 2019): an artistic exploration of how, with the help of scientific advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, a new generation of nano-clusters are replacing critical natural resources becoming rare on planet earth. Work developed at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, and Aalto University. After the audiovisual and VR performance event at INL last April, a new exhibition with multiple large façade displays and virtual reality experience at Art Center Nabi, in South Korea (“Confluence Point”, Sci-fi Mines, João Martinho Moura, 2019). For the VR experience, please consult Art Center Nabi for availability.
Work designed by João Martinho Moura with the support of the STARTS Residencies as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission, based on the technological elements of the CritCat Project.
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Exhibition until 19 July 2019. Entry Fee: Free
Organizer: Art Center Nabi, SK Innovation, SKTelecom
Artist: João Martinho Moura
Exhibition Manager: HyeIn Jeon
Exhibition Curator: Heeyoon Choi
Exhibition Coordinators: Yeajin Cho, Yukyung Chung
Promotion Soyoung: Lim, Yukyung Chung
Video Editing: HoMan Kwon
Video Transmission: HoMan Kwon
Design: Soyoung Lim
Exhibition Inquiries: 02 2121 0949. Details (Link)

Pictures of the exhibition:
(video documentary of the exhibition here)

More information about this work at: