video description: “Facial detection systems are being massively used in our society. Those systems use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect human faces in a video stream. AI brings unprecedented benefits to the society, but also it’s becoming potentially more dangerous. In this media artwork, AI is used against AI to discover How Computers Imagine Humans, using a selected computer visual noise (one computer) and an AI face detector system (another computer). Both systems running against each other.” Research published at the ARTECH 2017, 8th International Conference on Digital Arts, Macau China: João Martinho Moura, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes (2017), Generative Face fromRandom Data, on “How Computers Imagine Humans”, ARTECH 2017 – 8th International Conference on Digital Arts, p85-91. ISBN: 978-1-4503-5273-4
Macau, China. Publication available at ACM Digital Library.
Artwork: How Computers Imagine Humans (João Martinho Moura, 2017)