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Master in Technology and Digital Arts
Department of Information Systems
University of Minho, Portugal

GTDV: an information visualization application, the Global Terrorism Database Visualization (GTDV) addressing the issue of terrorism. GTDV applies techniques and processes of information visualisation emphasising the aesthetics besides the functionality, to display data from 80.000 terrorist events between 1970 and 2004 compiled from the Global Terrorism Database from the University of Maryland, USA. We present the Global Terrorism Database Visualization interface, crítically analyzing it and specifying the structural and visualization techniques used. GTDV aims to contribute to the emergence of a thorough knowledge about the phenomenon of terrorism.

Click here to watch a demonstration of the artifact.

"Public Information should be made public.
This public means presenting, designing and structuring
this information so that it is accessible, available,
understandable and free"

Richard Saul Wurman, in Understanding USA

Developed by:
João Martinho Moura & Jorge Sousa
Under the supervision of Adérito Marcos and Pedro Branco (University of Minho).
GTDV was fully developed with open source software:, mysql, and Box2D



public data obtained in 2008 from GTD
University of Maryland: