Inauguração oficial Altice Fórum Braga

Espetáculo de abertura / Inauguration Show. Audiovisual work

11 – September, 2018, 15:00h
Official Inauguration – Altice Fórum Braga
Braga, Portugal

Audio visual immersive projection.
270 x 15 m wide display. 270º of vision inside an auditorum.
3 Projectors; Computer. Code.
Duration: 14:30 min

Video 1:  exhibition excerpts (4K) (Part 1: Roman Roots) :

Video 2:  Braga: snapshots in VR of a vibrant city:

Video 3:  excerpts of the exhibition (recorded live):

Video description: Carlos Oliveira (President of InvestBraga)
speaking at the inauguration ceremony; Exhibition excerpts; 

Inauguration of Forum Braga

An InvestBraga commissioned audiovisual artwork, presented in the form of an immersive projection inside the main auditorium of Forum Braga, in Braga, Portugal, by media artist João Martinho Moura, with music by Miguel Pedro and António Rafael.

Inauguração Forum Braga

Espetáculo audiovisual comissionado pela InvestBraga, apresentado em forma imeresiva no interior do grande auditório do Forum Braga, da autoria do artista media João Martinho Moura, com música de Miguel Pedro e António Rafael.

The full audiovisual work covers the history of the City of Braga, its heritage and roots, and its Institutions. The ceremony took place at the 11th of September 2018, in Braga, Portugal, Unesco City of Media Arts, with the presence of the City Mayor Ricardo Rio, Economy Minister Caldeira Cabral and the President of Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Carlos Oliveira, President of InvestBraga.

During production, the city center of Braga was totally captured in 3d points and visualized with a software made by the author. Animation happens in a translucid way through the streets, with point agglomerations. Also, AI visual algorithms were applied to the facades. Roman warriors, captured in virtual reality, started the show remembering the Roman roots of the City.

Artwork Credits:

Direction and Media Art:
João Martinho Moura

Miguel Pedro and António Rafael

Actors: Júlio Gonçalves; Odair Gomes
Collaboration in illustration: Jorge Sá
Drone and video recording: João Pietro
Production and coordination: Ana Castro Correia (TECField)

Commission and Support: Forum Braga

Historical advice and acknowledgments:
Professor Manuela Martins @UAUM (Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho).
Historical roman animations inspired by: a) the book by Manuela Martins, “As termas romanas do alto da cividade. Um exemplo de arquitectura pública de Bracara Augusta“, 2005; b) illustrations from Ricardo Mar (@UAUM); c) Termas Romanas do Alto da Cividade; d) Fonte do Ídolo (Rua do Raio, Braga).
Medieval tower 3d capture: acknowledgment to Reitoria da Universidade do Minho (Largo do Paço).
INL facilities, 3d capture, footage: acknowledgment to Marina Dias, Jorge Fiens, Inês Costa, Sandra Maya.

Forum Braga acknowledgments: Carlos Oliveira, Carlos Silva, José Pinto, Ana Machado, Sofia Gaio