Né Barros e João Martinho Moura

CO:LATERAL (2016) Né Barros and João Martinho Moura

CO: LATERAL was developed from the Nuve performative project that explored the relationship between dance and the digital arts. Initially presented in 2010, this solo interpreted by Né Barros, gave rise to several national and international publications. Here, the body projected itself and extended itself in a relationship of intimacy with interactive virtual reality. The performative discourse resulting from this connection calls for an extraordinary moment, a poetic moment made of space and body, made of a mixture of realities, made up of double figures and images.

Direction and choreography: Né Barros
Digital creation: João Martinho Moura
Music and Light Design: João Martinho Moura
Costume Design: Né Barros
Performer: Sara Maru
Production: Teresa Camarinha / balleteatro
Photography: João Martinho Moura
Duration: approximately 30 minutes

Presented at ‘ARQUIPÉLAGO’ Centro de Artes Contemporâneas


Pictures: Rui Soares. Courtesy: Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas