B/Side (2012)

João Martinho Moura (2012)

An interactive digital artwork for public experience, by João Martinho Moura,
commissioned by the City of Braga (2012).

A picture is worth a thousand words.
An interface is worth a thousand pictures.
Ben Shneiderman, 2008


Interactive digital artwork for public experience, commissioned by the City of Braga, in Portugal, created João Martinho Moura.

Researcher and media artist born in Portugal. João Martinho Moura’s interests lie in digital art, intelligent interfaces, digital music, and computational aesthetics. He has a special interest in real-time visualization, art & science, computer music, and digital interactive artifacts. For the past decade, he’s been adopting new ways to represent the body in digital media, creating interactive audiovisual artifacts, mostly represented by monochromatic visual abstractions and minimalist lines.

João has a special interest in body driven digital artifacts, for the public experience, usually at city scale interactive presentations. B/Side project was developed for the European Capital of Youth 2012, Braga, and the ‘B’ sculptured symbol represents the local people’s façade while moving in a new re-constructed historical center of the city.

link: about João Martinho Moura

Winner, 2013. National Multimedia Award – Art and CulturePrémio Nacional Multimedia Art e Cultura –  B/Side (João Martinho Moura, 2012) was awarded in Art & Culture category:

Research / Publications

Research in this project is well documented in a set of publications, available on this link.