João Martinho Moura | Media Artist
Researcher and media artist born in Portugal. His interests lie in embodied interfaces, computer music, and computational aesthetics. For the past 15 years, he’s been adopting new ways to represent the body in digital media, creating interactive audiovisual artifacts, mostly represented by monochromatic visual abstractions and minimalist lines. João Martinho Moura has a special interest in real-time visualization, art & science, and digital interactive artifacts.
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Né Barros and João Martinho Moura (2016-2019)
Research presentation at ISEA 2019.
Next presentations in Portugal and Slovakia
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How Computers Imagine Humans (João Martinho Moura, 2017).
In this media artwork, AI is used against AI to discover How Computers Imagine Humans, using a selected computer visual noise. Exhibition in Gwangju, Republic of Korea, ISEA 2019 (June/July 2019)
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Sci-fi Miners (2019), a work designed by João Martinho Moura in the framework of STARTS Residencies program as part of the STARTS initiative, based on the technological elements of the CritCat Project.
Exhibition at Art Center Nabi (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
‘Confluence Point’, solo exhibition (15 May – 19 July 2019)
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João Martinho Moura, 2011
Exhibition at ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz, 2012
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10e-10 (João Martinho Moura, 2018).
Immersive audiovisual presentation.
INL Summit. October 2018, opening ceremony.
Altice Forum Braga
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João Martinho Moura premiered, in 2019, the first media art exhibition at the new NATO headquarters, in Brussels
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VV (João Martinho Moura, 2018)
21 July – 13 October, 2018
gnration gallery
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’67p: an unexpected topological space’
(João Martinho Moura, 2016)
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YMYI (João Martinho Moura, 2007).
Embodied audiovisual installation.
Exhibition in Prague in 2019.
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João Martinho Moura – Media Art Exhibitions (2007-2013)
Video compilation of recent media art exhibitions, by João Martinho Moura, covering 27 cities: Reims, Linz, Barcelona, Mexico City, Prague, Cascais, Berlin, Guimarães, New York, Brussels, Berlin, Regensburg, Beijing, Belgrade, Queensland, Rome, Katowice, Krasnoyarsk, Tenerife, Norrkoping, Taichung, Tokyo, London, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Geneve, Holon, Lviv, Czernowitz, Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon and his home town Braga.
Researcher and media artist born in Portugal. His interests lie in digital art, intelligent interfaces, digital music and computational aesthetics.

video description: NaN:Collider exhibition at The Stove, in Dumfries, Scotland.
View from the cockpit (João Martinho Moura & António Rafael, 2017)
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Exhibition in Beijing, China
João Martinho Moura, 2017
19 – 26 May, 2017
World Financial Center, winter atrium, Beijing
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Data Visualization | European Space Agency
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João Martinho Moura
Exhibitions in Prague, Cascais, Mexico City, Barcelona, BeijingBraga

An interactive digital artwork for public experience, by João Martinho Moura, commissioned by the City of Braga (2012).
Winner Artist – Prémio Nacional Multimedia Art & Culture, Lisbon, 2013.
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